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The Greg Ralston Memorial Prize For Sydney

The Sydney Prize is an annual award given by the Sydney Peace Foundation to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to peace and the development of humanity. The prize is named after the late Australian Prime Minister, Greg Ralston, and is given to recognize outstanding achievement in peace and international cooperation. The Sydney Peace Foundation is the major sponsor of the Prize and provides funding for many worthy causes. For more information about the Sydney Prize, visit the Sydney Peace Foundation’s website.

Sydney Prize

Nominations for the Sydney Peace Prize

The Sydney Peace Foundation is currently seeking nominations for the Sydney Peace Prize 2022. This international award recognizes leaders in peace-making who have improved the world we live in. Past winners have included Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Arundhati Roy, Mary Robinson, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. The prize is now open for nominations and is the largest international peace prize in Australia. For over two decades, the Sydney Peace Foundation has been awarding the Prize in partnership with the City of Sydney.

The Sydney Peace Foundation is a major supporter of the Sydney Peace Prize

As a major sponsor of the prize, The Australian government has been campaigning for Ashrawi to be given the medal, and the City of NSW’s councillors have been urged to attend. A Zionist group, however, has accused the city of using its influence to thwart Ashrawi’s candidacy. Meanwhile, Jewish community councils in Victoria and NSW have supported the efforts of NSW to silence Ashrawi.

The Greg Ralston Memorial Prize

The award ceremony for The Greg Ralston Memorial Prize for Togel SDY took place in May 2012. At the event, University of Sydney Pro Chancellor Peter FitzSimons AM and University of NSW Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AM announced the winners of the 2018 Greg Ralston Memorial Prize for Research. The prize is presented to a Sydney-based researcher in the field of biomedical science for outstanding contribution to the community.

The Greg Ralston Scholarship

The 2018 recipients of The Greg Ralston Scholarship, Sydney Prize, and Lorne Protein Conference Travelling Scholarships are Kalton Agnes of Langdon, N.D., Kathleen Demester of New Rockford, N.D., and Audra Hendrickson of Manvel, N.D. The winner of the open fellowship is required to be present at the Thomson Prize Night to receive their cheques.

The Greg Ralston Award

The Sydney Prize honours outstanding scientific research and encourages the development of young researchers in the field of protein science. In addition to funding postgraduate students, the Sydney Prize also supports the Lorne Protein Conference. Each year, the Prize enables one BSc (Hons) or MRes student to attend the conference and present their research. A list of previous winners is available online. For more information, visit the Sydney Prize website.